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Legal Concerns/Disclaimer


All public events, including car shows, are newsworthy events. Some forms of media choose to cover events with a large number of words and a small selection of images. At AutoClubs.Ca, we choose to present these events primarily in image format, with few words. They say a picture says a thousand words, and that certainly holds true for the vast majority of auto events.

Because these are indeed newsworthy events, this opens any participants to documentation, either in text or image. That being said, it's certainly not our intent to offend anyone or draw attention to any specific individuals (with some noted celebrity or organizer/sponsor exceptions). We try as best we can to avoid capturing anyone's image when covering our events. Again, with noted exceptions. Most captures of an individual's distinctive features are accidental, and are not the focus of the image.

Vehicles entered into a public event are subject to any media coverage as part of a newsworthy event. Anyone with concerns about not wishing their vehicle to be documented in any fashion is urged to reconsider their choice to enter it in a newsworthy event. The recording of licence plates and personal information (such as a display sign showing owner's name) is incidental, and not the intended focus of the image. Any individuals with concerns about this information being public is urged to take steps to avoid doing so where possible. Licence plates are easy and in most cases legal to cover when attending an event of public interest on private property. Avoiding personal information on signs is also recommended if you have these concerns. Remember, it's just as easy for someone attending the show to record that information as it is for them to obtain it from a low resolution image on our site.

In cases where such information does become visible on our site, we respect anyone's wishes not to have personal information or license plate numbers visible. If you find an image of your vehicle on our site that incidentally captured such information and is visible (and you do not wish it to be), please contact us, and we will alter the image so that information is no longer visible. Please include the specific information such as; year, date, and name of event(s), image number (displayed at top of page presenting full sized image), make, model, & colour of vehicle (for verification). If at all possible, please include complete URL to the image in question. Please also include contact information for verification purposes.

This applies only to incidental capture of written personal information and licence plates, or the very rare occasion that we may capture a specific individuals image as the focus of the picture.

For more consideration, we leave you with this; One cannot have a reasonable expectation of privacy in regards to information and/or items put on public display in a public and newsworthy event. So if you have this concern, it's simply best to avoid making public any information you do not want recorded journalistically.

All images and/or content found on this site are copyright AutoClubs.Ca, Raymond J. Henry, Gerald A. Henry, and any other individual or organization specifically listed on the applicable event link or on the images themselves. Any persons visible in any pictures on this site is incidental, a sometimes unavoidable result of taking pictures at a public event.

We will accept and post images of car shows that are submitted directly by the copyright holder. We will not knowingly post any material copyrighted by other individuals without their permission. Credit to other photographers will be displayed on the applicable thumbnail page and images if requested.


To request permission, email



Car Clubs in Manitoba may reproduce and distribute images found on this site ONLY under the following conditions:

1) The images are not used in any commercial fashion

2) Credit is provided showing as the source

3) A link is provided to (on Web pages) or our URL is printed (printed matter)

4) You notify us in writing or by email* how many images and from what show(s) you have used. The exact image name or image details are not required.

* - If you are emailing us, please request a read receipt or ensure that we respond PRIOR to you reproducing our images.

5) You DO NOT modify the image in any way without our express written consent.

If you can ensure these requirements, please feel free to go ahead and use whatever images you wish. This document will also be considered permission for your club to use any images on our site, either currently available or in the future, until further notice is provided here, and so long as the above requirements are met. It will be your responsibility to check back here for any potential alterations to these terms.

If you wish to obtain the unresized digital image, simply let us know what image number of what show, and we can send it to you. Again, the use of the unresized image will be subject to the above requirements.

If you are unclear on anything at all, email prior to using these images. Sorry if all this seems rather convoluted and unnecessary, but we do have to try to take some measures to protect our time and investment as best we can.

Submitting Images For This Site

Photos must be the sole and original work of the submitter. License, waiver and release:

You will retain all copyright for your submitted photos. AutoClubs.Ca has the non-exclusive right to publish your submitted photos or use them in any presentation or promotional material, with or without the AutoClubs.Ca logo.

By submitting images, you grant AutoClubs.Ca non-exclusive and royalty-free right and license to use, reproduce, store, transmit, or communicate your submitted photos, in whole or in part, in any media, in marketing, advertising or promotional materials, advertisements, or Web sites, by AutoClubs.Ca, it's sponsors, or anyone authorized by AutoClubs.Ca.

You grant these rights and this waiver to AutoClubs.Ca free of charge. You agree that you own or control all of the rights in and to your submitted photos and that they are wholly your work and/or you have obtained all necessary rights or licenses in order to authorize use of your photos for the above purposes, including any model releases. All photos submitted shall become property of AutoClubs.Ca and shall only be returned or removed from display at our discretion.

AutoCluibs.Ca is hosted on a GoDaddy server, and GoDaddy TOS will apply. Read their TOS.

Thank you,

Raymond J. Henry

AutoClubs.Ca Administrator

All content is protected by copyright. It is illegal to reproduce any portion of this site without express written consent of the owner/author.
It is not permissible to save and print or display in any fashion any of the images found here without express permission of the author/owner/copyright holder.